Out in the Barn

Out in the Barn
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Monday, September 17, 2012

About Me

Welcome! I'm Emily, the green blogger/author of the Sunshine 7 Ranch blog.  I'm a 37 year old wife and mother of two giggly girls 11 and 5, a happy boy who is almost 1, and two sweet girls who went to heaven at ages 8 and 4.  I'm a born and raised Idaho girl recently transplanted just outside of Denver to a 35 acre Ranch. Together with our 3 quarter horses, Molly the pony, our yellow lab and two kitties, we call Castle Rock, CO home. I'm a former flower shop manager and consignment furniture store owner. Now, I'm a full time mom, part time home stager, and collector (hoarder) of salvaged "treasures". I love the hunt for a bargain, and find joy in giving life and beauty to something discarded. If I'm not hunting for sales, you may find me sporting camo and a compound bow out in the woods with my husband; or chipping away at one of the DIY projects we have started on our home.  I am learning to cherish the tiny moments that matter, and have gratitude for each day. I look forward to sharing what I can and gaining friends along this journey.

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