Out in the Barn

Out in the Barn
Sunshine 7 Ranch Boutique

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Successful Booth Tips

Successful Booth Tips
The Sunshine 7 Ranch
 Barn Boutique!
Keep in mind: The more beautiful the booth the better the sales!
… All your hard work will pay off!

v  To boost overall sales, offer a variety of items in wide price ranges. It is best to have both lower priced items as well as some higher priced items. Seasonal items are always great sellers!

v  Make sure all items are clearly priced. Be sure to have a secure cash box system with ample change.

v  Make a visual impact with a logo or graphics on product labels, price tags, and booth signage. Logos make a statement and create a visual of your products and business. Be creative with signage! Banners, framed chalk boards, standing easel signs, etc.

v  Be creative with backdrops and booth merchandising. Add shelving, racks, various tables, dress forms, trunks, textural fabrics, etc.  Rustic, shabby chic and unique items are a great addition a barn boutique!

v  Make the most of your space: Place items high, low, and at eye level. Rope can be used to creatively hang items or display pieces from the barn rafters.

v  Decorate your booth using a variety of fabric, linens, tulle, burlap, greenery or embellishments of any kind to add a nice touch and compliment your products!

            Part of the charm of The Barn Boutique is the rustic and rough feel of the wood, metal and straw! Play to the shabby chic ambiance of the barn!

v  Backdrop ideas:
·         Old or new doors hinged together
·         Old windows hung from rafters
·         Rope curtain rods with draped with fabric or canvas
·         Fence panels, lattice, pegboard
·         A 10x10 canopy can be great to create a room like feel and define your space.
·         Keep backdrops light weight for easy portability
Have fun adding your own unique flare!

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